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Situated near Greytown in the Wairarapa (about a 75km drive north of Wellington), New Zealand, we run a small grove established in 2000 growing hazelnuts, olives and table grapes, plus a little horseradish.

We welcome visitors and would love to see you! Come and try some locally grown olive oils and hazelnuts.

Photos from the 2015 picking have been posted and can be accessed from our Olives and Olive Oil page.


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All ready for the market and the sun is shining


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our olives are cold-pressed in the Wairarapa. We produce very high quality extra virgin olive oils. We usually keep the varietals separate for pressing, so we can produce Frantoio, Leccino, Barnea and Picual extra virgin olive oils and beautiful blends and infusions.

Coming on the back of the record 2014 pick, no surprise that 2015 was for us and much of New Zealand a very small crop. What was surprising was that it was dominated by Barnea. Because of the small quantity we’ll be looking at selling a blend for this season.

Want to know what “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” means? Check out our “Olives and Olive Oil” page.


Our main hazelnuts include Barcelona and Tondo Romano table varieties, and a younger planting of Tonda di Giffoni and Whitehart.

Table Grapes

We have a small area dedicated to old-fashioned table grapes. No, they are not pip free – but they taste great, the way grapes used to!


Finding we have more horseradish than we can consume, we make our excess available for those that know the delights of real horseradish sauce.

Purchasing or Visiting

We are happy to supply internet orders for all our products except the grapes. Please see the products page for store information, on-line ordering and pricing information.

We welcome visitors to the grove for tastings, grove tours and sales. Please see the visit us page.


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